Belles & Chimes PHX


Now is your chance to be a founding member!  Membership for the year will be $10.  Guests may attend free at any meeting but all players will be responsible for the cost of games played at tournaments.  We will meet monthly in 2017 varying between week nights and weekends to allow for the diverse schedules of members.

The purpose of Belles & Chimes Phoenix is to bring together women who enjoy playing pinball in a fun, supportive and social environment.

Please e-mail if you would like to participate so we can keep you in the loop as future plans develop!  We also have a Facebook group you can join here:

Please review the Etiquette & Rules for this group.

Upcoming events:

Sunday, June 25, arrive between 1pm – 1:30pm to register for a 1:30pm start.  We will play 2 hours of match play followed by a 3 round ladder elimination finals for the top 4.  We appreciate the generosity of the hosts, offering for us to play their private collection!  If you wish to attend this tournament, please contact me as I will not be posting the address to this private home.  Since there is no fee or coin drop for this one, we’ll ask that attendees bring a snack to share for the afternoon.

Thursday, July 20, Tilt Studio Arizona Mills starting at 6:30pm, 2 hours of match play.


Thank you to the original Belles & Chimes from Oakland, California for being pioneers and growing the number of women enjoying pinball!