Details of upcoming tournaments organized by us will be included here.  Contact us if you have any questions!  And always keep an eye on the Main Page for all the other events you can participate in!

Saturday, October 27, 2018: Tilt Studio Halloween Spooktacular

  • Location: Tilt Studio Arizona Mills Mall
  • Costumes WELCOME (but not required) – we will have a prize for best costume
  • Time: 1:00pm start, players must be checked in before the tournament starts – no players will be added after the first round is launched.
  • Cost: $1 (cash) plus cost of games played (requires Tilt Studio Player Card)
  • Format: 7 Strikes – Fair Strikes Knockout (all players will play at least 4 rounds)
    • Fair Strikes = winner gets no strikes, last place gets 2 strikes and people in between get 1 strike (4-player: 0, 1, 1, 2; 3-player: 0, 1, 2;   2 player: 0, 2)
  • This format is expected to last 10-12 rounds (5-6 hours) for those who make it to the end.  All players will play at least 4 rounds (around 2 hours)
  • Facebook event page:

Future Events

  • December 9: Tracy’s Pintastic Birthday Tournament
  • The tournament will start at 1:00pm on Sunday, December 9, so please arrive and check in by 12:45pm.
  • Format: 8 rounds of group match play followed by top 16 finals with 3 rounds of 4-player match play. Top 2 advance in finals rounds 1 and 2 until final 4 game to determine winner. If fewer than 32 players participate, finals will be top 8 playing 2 rounds of ladder elimination (one player eliminated each round) to reach final 4 with one final game to determine winner.
  • Cost: $2 cash plus WRAPPED/HIDDEN gift valued around $5-$10 (no gifts for Tracy – just bring gifts for tournament) $7 cash entry fee if you don’t bring a gift. You will receive 1 drawing ticket for your entry/gift.  Players are responsible for the cost of games played.
    • Gifts can be “funny” but they should not be a “white elephant” or throwaway gift. It can be something you are re-gifting from home or a new item or a gift card – whatever works for you. Players will have chances to receive presents throughout the tournament. Got fun stuff you want to re-gift, feel free to bring an extra gift to get an extra drawing ticket (max 3 total drawing tickets per person)!
    • Gifts do not have to be wrapped in wrapping paper – they can be in an envelope or grocery bag as long as you cannot see/tell what the gift is – everything should be a surprise!
    • Show up to the tournament and totally forgot to bring a gift, then your entry fee is $7. $1 of this is for the IFPA fee, $1 offsets top 4 awards and $5 offsets extra gifts I will bring.
  • Ways to receive a birthday present (tournament games only, not valid on warm up or practice games and you must find me to prove your result):
    • Your final score on a game ends in “40”
    • Your final score has “1978” or “2018” anywhere within the score
    • You get Grand Champion or a high score on a machine and enter initials TLL
    • Random drawings after round 8, before finals
    • Top 4 finalists
  • You can receive up to 2 gifts through gameplay and drawings during the 8 rounds prior to finals. Depending on number of gifts remaining, players may be able to win a 3rd gift during the drawing after round 8.